other than meds, are there other treatments that might help me?

Disturbance of skin sensation

Chronic Constipation

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Irishman


    Deep breathing exercises. Ground yourself

  • Anina


    Meds are a 2 edge sword, yes they help. But for me personally meds make me so tired and cause a lot of digestive problems. Especially constipation. For me smelling peppermint helps and going somewhere that is outside and I can be alone. I take deep breaths and really focus on slowing my breathing down

  • Erma


    Therapy ❤️

  • salmon


    this sounds odd but showers are super relaxing for me. self care in general is helpful but showers specifically are so comforting and warm.. perfect for when i’m stressing out

  • GabbyR7


    The 321 method 3 things you can see around you 2 things you can touch around you 1 things you can smell around you

  • davidchase


    What helps me are showers too but cold ones. They seem to stimulate my mind and go on through the a lil better then usual.

  • NeuroNerd12


    I’ve benefitted a lot from taking Ashwaganda (herbal supplement, it can be found in any drug store and most grocery stores), reading the Bible consistently, and being more mindful of what I’m taking on. I also have sensory issues and so being aware of when I’m approaching a “boiling point” so to speak is really helpful in self regulating.

  • Kloie


    I like taking baths for like an hour and maybe use some Epson salt or the bubble bath stuff and it makes me feel very relaxed especially in stressful situations.

  • Violet_Beauregarde


    Magnesium glycinate & therapy. I’ve found that a lot of people with anxiety have trauma that needs to be worked through. Many have PTSD.

  • Savannah_D


    Yes, you can spend time in nature, spending time in nature is a natural curing method.

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