Hi! I'm new here. Just hoping there are others that have chronic pain and joint stiffness and not knowing why or when it flares up. 1st time to doctor on July 19th, an orthopedic. Pain in my hips burning down to my knees and shins wake me out of a sound sleep and it takes a while to get walking without hurting anymore. Lately my elbow and shoulder are starting to hurt as well. problem is, it can be debilitating one day and the next...poof! it's gone. I am sure the orthopedist will tell me to go to a rheumatology as well. This pain sometimes gets me so depressed and so fatigued and also cause tension with my colleagues due to my attitude and behaviors. I have tried everything...heating pad, ice pack, lidocaine patches, roll ons, aleve, muscle relaxer. Nothing helps. Does anyone else feel this way too??

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