(tw medical abuse (sort of), restraints)
this is an old issue but I never really got an answer.

In 2021 I was in residential treatment where I was restrained improperly and banged my head hard on a tile floor repeatedly, both when they pulled me to the ground and on purpose.

after this I had petechiae around my eyes and for the next 2 days I had these episodes where my vision would black out for a moment and I'd lose all sense of direction and kind of lean/fall over sideways.

I wrote all this on a sticky note and gave it to the nurse, but she has a reputation for not believing people and she didn't tell me anything or do anything about it. these symptoms were gone by the time I got to talk to my parents and they made a different nurse (also from my RTF) check me.

I had a headache and mental symptoms of head injury like confusion and attention problems and mood swings but those could all also be attributed to regular life there.

my mother is a neurofeedback practitioner and when I got home she did some sort of test that said I had moderate to severe signs of traumatic brain injuries, but these are just signs, not an actual diagnostic tool.

so do you think I have a concussion? something else? I'm particularly concerned about the blacking out thing and I don't know what it's called or a better way to describe it so I couldn't do any useful research.

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Intracranial Injury

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Temporary Blindness & Low Vision

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