I have multiple chemical sensitivity disorder: Cigarette 🚬 smoke (even in MINUTE AMOUNTS!) makes me so weak & shaky, I have to stay in bed
for days on end. I wish I could meet
someone else who has this same condition.


Skin rash

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

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  • Healed_Harriet


    I have this condition. It causes my chest to tighten. I have trouble breathing. It makes me feel really tired, and I have to rest and sleep a lot to recover.

  • QueenOfSpades


    I'm so sorry to hear that. Does cigarette smoke affect you the most? I'm also affected by cigarette smoke, perfume, chimney smoke, gasoline and the list goes on. I get a range of symptoms. MCS is definitely difficult to live with.

    • Healed_Harriet


      Cigarette smoke and plug-ins affect me the worst. I also react to fragrance, and I have an allergy to acrylates (microplastics). I’ve found that microplastics are in a lot of things like all beauty products, hand sanitizer, cigarette butts, perfume and the list goes on. — My symptoms range from chest tightness, trouble breathing, itchy eyes, itchy all over, pins and needle feeling, chronic fatigue, and I’ve also experienced rashes. — I was a cosmetologist, and that’s how I developed my allergy.

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