Does anyone else worry and stress so much that it is literally hurting your body. For example, I'm so tense and stressed all of the time that my back aches.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • pmg



    • BrookieCookie22


      what do you do for it?

  • Elytra


    Try a heating pad for your back if you have nobody to massage you! Or if you don't have a heating pad a really warm shower or a rice sock that's been heated up (also really good for cramps if you're afab)

  • kay3


    Yes. I stress over the smallest thing.

  • Sunflower_


    Definitely. But remember take deep breathes one step at a time .

  • Jude_the_dude


    Feel ya it sucks but keep rolling

  • tori0124


    Yep. Stress can be killer on your body. Affects your mind. Stomach. Can make you feel super sick. Im sorry. I've been there. Try to find things that help you relax and stick to doing those. Remember to drink water and take care of yourself ok? You aren't alone. 💕

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