I've found that I struggle a LOT with coping with and managing big emotions. It very quickly overwhelms me and leads to a lot of dissociation. I just attended the wedding of a very dear childhood friend yesterday and I'm already missing some of the most important pieces because I got overwhelmed with emotion and just shut down. Does anybody else here experience it, and how do I start to work through that?

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • Mirage13


    I experience this! I had a trip I just got back from yesterday and can't remember most of it. I was also very overwhelmed by intense feelings; I mostly remember being immensely triggered and fragmenting. Truthfully, I'm not sure how to work through it yet consistently since I was just diagnosed with DID, but I find trying to ground myself (breathing exercises) so I can connect with my body helps me stay present, calmer (at times), and can help prevent some dissociation and memory/time loss. My therapist suggested this strategy. Also, sometimes reaching for my two protective alters and quickly formulating a safety plan where I'm co-conscious with them. These methods don't always work when I'm highly triggered, but I'd say more often than not this has helped. I hope this is helpful to you 🖤

  • Beeble


    I also struggle with this! I've found that reaching for protectors or soothers can really help! they're there for a reason :)

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