Hello. I'm searching for ways to control my weight gain. Since my diagnosis, my weight has steadily gone up, no matter how I adjust my diet or exercise regimen. Any suggestions or ideas? I would appreciate the input. Thank you.


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  • Tye53


    They said to drink warm lemon water a half an hour before you eat it will suppress your appetite

    • Nana7


      Thank you. I'll try that.

  • Dia


    What kind of diet changes have you tried? Don't try to go too low on calories as that can make your body think it's in starvation mode. Are you at the correct dosage for your meds yet? Sometimes you just have to be patient.

  • Jyoti


    After my diagnosis I gained 60lbs (within a few years) Last year I cut down on sugar with exceptions for iced coffee & tea ^_^ and bread/rice mostly, and exercised more regularly. Mostly biking, walking, and stretching every morning. I lost 40lbs and have been able to maintain it. It still fluctuates a little bit and I don’t expect to lose any more, but I definitely feel better!

  • unicornlady90


    Drink more water. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables. If you're southern like me, I know we tend to season foods with meats and bacon grease. Maybe try different spices instead. Pinterest has a lot of good ideas for healthy meals. You dont have to count every calorie, but try to keep it around the right amount for your body type. You can find calorie calculators on google that will help you figure out how many calories you need in a day to maintain or lose weight. I hope this is helpful.

  • Lampy


    Intuitive eating is the only thing to have ever worked for me. Since I stopped dieting, my weight has remained stable for the last year. Sure, I am a little heavier than what society deems aesthetically pleasing, but I feel strong and healthy. Most importantly, I'm not yo-yoing. I feel like it was the weight cycling that was making me feel like crap! My body did get smaller with intuitive eating, but that wasn't the goal. I have more energy nd my mental health has improved and that's what was important to me I suggest reading Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. If you are feeling radical, try Anti-Diet by Christy Harrison.

    • Jadebettle


      I’ll check it out

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