So, advice needed. I have rheumatoid arthritis and was also just told by my rheumatologist that I also have Celiac, which makes sense cause I know if you have both, then gluten can affect the RA as well. I already enjoyed several gluten free foods that I was introduced to through a family member who also has Celiac, and am doing ok as far as not feeling deprived of anything. But, I am not very well off. Does anyone have any advice for going gluten free and as organic as possible on a budget?

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  • LeeAlexandria89


    The best way is to eat things that are naturally gluten free.

  • WitchyMolotov


    The best advice I've got is to eat more fruits and veggies since they're naturally gluten free. Just be careful not to buy more than you can eat in about a week because they'll spoil. Red Mill has a wide selection of gluten-free flours so you can make your own breads and pastas if you wish.

  • odette222


    Oatmeal.i make no bake cookies for treats .its cheap ,healthy and good carbs.

  • Lots_of_ish


    Yes mostly potatoes, rice, and corn are gluten free (unless items are added to it). It’s good to eat things that don’t need modification to be gluten free to enjoy them. My favorite brand of bread is schar. A lot of bread is better toasted or else it crumbles. Try different things and see what you like. There are soooo many options now compared to when I was diagnosed 16 years ago!

  • TraitorJuice


    I like Schar bread too... My main problem has been finding inexpensive items that also cater to a couple of other food sensitivities I have.

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