Had a good pain free day yesterday until the storms came rolling in. I also washed clothes and cleaned up my bedroom(was not voluntary 😂😂 hubs lost a document and we tore our room up looking for it). Bending, lifting etc. Woke up this morning feeling like 💩. I'm still navigating this Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(was diagnosed in March). I keep forgetting to take it slow and not move like I use to(Retired Chef). What are some of your useful tips on how not to run out of spoons for the day?

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • Chesbro99


    Try and make lists of the things are can do it a day without over doing it. When the list ends you have to stop. Ask for help when you think you need it. Get tools to help you like grabbers so you don't have to bend down. Get pain creams. You have to relearn not to do so much all the time. It's ok to take a break and take it easy. Your not the same body anymore so you have to act differently now

  • Princessmommy6


    🤗I just was diagnosed last week with fibromyalgia and psoratic arthritis and I understand. As a mom of three with a business and home to run, it's hard to not lose all of your spoons fast

  • jax1457


    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last fall. I've also got osteoarthritis, tendinitis, carpel tunnel; and a pinched nerve in my neck that sometimes makes the skin on my arms burn. Luckily, I work from least for now...

  • BrieMarie


    I do my best to rest between tasks and nap if needed to recharge myself. I've been focusing on eating healthier and hydrating to help use less spoons. I try to balance activities which take more spoons like showering with easier tasks like making phone calls or sending email

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