Hey! I'm 17 and currently dxed with BPD and gender dysphoria,, among others. My therapist is refusing to refer me to starting to transition because of my newly dxed BPD and I see where shes coming from but its making everything so much worse for me mentally, does anyone have any advice on how to proceed?

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  • fish2


    i would suggest that you discuss with your therapist how your bpd could affect your dysphoria and why she chose to halt the process

  • CharlieCK


    This means your therapist might see this as an episode, explain to her that youve been feeling these feelings for a series of months or years, it’ll become clearer that its not related to BPD.

  • Emo_Enby_99


    Hi! Ftm with BPD here. I can help give you some insight here. 1) BPD is a disorder of emotional disregulation. It's also known as Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder. What hairball when you start hormones is basically a second puberty, bringing along all It's mood swings. 2)BPD is complex, and your therapist may see this as an episode. You'll need to sit down and tell her it's been going on for quite a while. Ask her what it'll take to get started on treatment for both the dysphoria and BPD. Advice: Start keeping a journal. Electronic, paper, audio, doesn't matter. Record when you're feeling dysphoric, start by taking personal measures like binding or packing, and note how it helps or hurts your metal state. My best advice is write down EVERYTHING. It may be rough but stick it out. Ask about medication for BPD, get treated for it. Do not relent in what you feel is necessary for your health. Sending love and strength! ❤️

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