Hey, I just got diagnosed with OCD 4 months ago, and I want to ask my psychiatrist if any medication is good for starting up. My OCD really gets in the way of my daily life and work. I want to ask if you can get prescribed medication for OCD even if you are already on a medication. (I'm on a medication for my depression and anxiety.)

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  • redhotlilypepper


    Zoloft+therapy has helped my ocd

  • hawkingradiation


    ocd is sort of a way to cope with anxiety. therefore the less anxiety you have, hopefully the less ocd you’ll have. i’m certainly no professional, but in my case, i take pristiq (antidepressant) for my anxiety, depression, ocd, and panic. it has seemed to help my ocd, but you can talk to your psychiatrist about adjusting your antidepressant dosage to better target the ocd

  • Tom1991


    Hi, Actually most drugs for depression and anxiety are effective for OCD as well, maybe the doses are a bit different, anyway ask your psychiatrist, he will understand. Good luck!

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