What do y'all do to help deal with disappointment? Some times it especially hits me hard when I was really looking forward to something for a LONG time and it doesn't happen. I go into a bad depressive state and my emotions are all over the place, often for hours or even a whole day.

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  • DutchJack


    What helps me sometimes is to think about the opposite. Like making a school project, I think about the things that could go wrong and that they will happen. Somehow it helps coping with the pain when it does happen

  • SoftCat


    I relate a lot. Usually it puts me into a depressive episode for hours, or even weeks. Also I cry a lot when disappointed.

  • Oooouuuucchh


    Always expect the worst and you’ll never be disappointed. If you’re right you’re prepared, and if you’re wrong you’re pleasantly surprised. Ik it’s not a healthy way to live and it’s probably bad mentally but it’s the only way I’ve found to keep myself from being constantly let down

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