How can I cope and handle having so much anger, including lessening said anger?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Savinity


    Omggggg. Deep breaths I swearrrr works so well for me. I’m bipolar and when I’m manic I become violently angry at minor inconveniences and breathing and slowing down helps sooooo so we’ll for me

  • alexskellington0614


    It's sooo hard for me to remember to breathe, especially in the heat of the moment when I'm manic or overwhelmed!

  • Savinity


    I definitely understand. If you can, just walk away and come back later. Music— like angry music makes me chill out too

  • esh


    I have to get away from everything and everyone if I’m triggered. Sensory deprivation to the best of my ability. I’ll just sit on my knees with my head down and eyes closed so it’s dark and hands covering my ears. It has kept me from a lot of physical reactions like throwing things. Just remember, emotions CANT hurt you. They can’t. You can sit with an emotion and feel completely awful and not do anything about it. It sucks but the feeling it literally just a feeling, and all feelings pass. Just gotta get through them in the best way we can.

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