Recently, as a trans male, I've been feeling....not valid. Sometimes I touch my hair or mess around with my face to try and figure out how to look like a guy or someone genderless, but nothing helps. One of my feminine friends calls other people who are born with the sex female, "woman". Everytime she says it, it makes me very uncomfortable and puts me in a bad mood. I've told her multiple times that I'm a guy, but she doesn't say anything. It's kinda hurtful. also, side note, anyone know if there's something specific about worrying about someone leaving you or abandonment? Or is it just anxiety?

Body dysmorphic disorder

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  • D3monicRat


    That "friend" of yours doesn't sound like a real friend. Real friends are there to support you, and they don't sound very supportive at all. You be you and don't worry about what other people think. There's no defined way to be a man, you just need to find a middle that you're comfortable with for now. You're valid man! Dont let the mirror tell you otherwise. If you need to talk my pms are open!

  • zozie


    That abandonment thing could be just be anxiety but it could also be the result of you're past like say someone important to you left or a past friend or just someone that was even a little close it could still have a major impact on you and that's probably like some sort of trauma maybe but if that doesn't fit you're pages then maybe anxiety I would say research a little as my rabbling probs won't help but I hope it did even a little

  • Tuskle


    That’s not your friend then!!

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