How do you get your doctor to prescribe the meds you need without them thinking you're drug seeking?? I have chronic menstrual pain to the point where I can't walk and barely breathe. I've given myself 2nd degree burns with a hot water bottle trying to get rid of the pain. I let them open me up to see if they could find a cause (they didn't), and they still won't prescribe me either Norco or Tylenol 3- both of which work. I can't use nsaids. I've cooperated with everything they have suggested! On the same note, I suffer from a form of insomnia where I wake up every two hours no matter what I take (zzquil, melatonin, sleeping pills, etc). I've signed up for a sleep study and I've done everything I can to help me stay asleep. The only thing that's worked is Ambien, and they won't give me any of that either. They want me to see a psychologist. I'm not a drug seeker. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. I just want help and I don't know what to do!


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  • Liz79


    Well I have chronic insomnia and I strongly recommend you to go to the psychiatrist and find a psychologist, having so many things going on makes things worse, so therapy helps a lot and the psychiatrist will give you the meds you need

  • Valerie_Jane


    I suffer from insomnia and have found drs in Mo do not give pain meds for whatever reason. I have rheumatoid arthritis and cannot get any meds for pain. Pot isn’t even available for recreational use. Very sad

    • Alessandra


      it's really unfair

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