I have AVN and had both my hips and both shoulders replaced (all in 2016) and I now have it in my tibias. Depresses the he'll outta me!

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  • Pfeiffer


    I have questions about surgery for AVN. I have it in my hips and knees so far, we have not looked anywhere else yet. I really want to get surgery sooner than later ambit the doctors are telling me to do the opposite. Did surgery help the pain?

  • Eneri


    It absolutely helps but make sure that you do all of the physical therapy afterwards. By the time I got to my 4th joint replacement surgery I stopped going to physical therapy and the other 3 joints I don't have any pain have any pain and the one that I stopped doing physical therapy with I have pain occasionally. They were doing my surgeries about 3 to 4 months apart so I feel your pain. The surgeries themselves aren't that bad it's just exhausting and I managed to get through it all without taking too many opiates. I bought a lot of ice packs and iced all the time after surgery and taking Tylenol and ibuprofen helps a little bit too.

    • Rabbitlady


      I have AVN in both shoulders, both knees, both elbows, left hip, left ankle, and left wrist. I’ve had quite a few replacements and decompression in the joints that can’t be replaced (too young,33). It’s so frustrating and feels like a gamer whack a mole.

  • Momtotandt


    Emeritus do they know what caused your AVN. My orthopedist said there is no way to tell and that I “should” not get it in other joints

  • VariaMoon


    I have it and all 8 manger joints both hips both knees both elbows both shoulders and a whole bunch of other locations mine was steroid induced directly from the prednisone that they gave me trying to battle the Crohn’s disease which I still had to have surgery for anyway!!!

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