my leg and foot knots up so tight in the night I have to jump up and put weight on it to try and relax it. it literally feels like its gonna break. I can't lay on right side except for a few minutes without it going all pins and needles with aching cramps. Does anyone else have this and if so any solutions found for relief. I need 😴.

Chronic Leg Cramps

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  • ToastyToast


    I might have a solution, but I need a little more information to be sure it would help. Is it a cramp or a spasm? If it's a spasm, you'll be able to tell by the fact that the muscles will visibly contract repeatedly. If it's just a cramp, it won't. If it's a spasm, magnesium oil will help give you almost immediate relief.

  • SandraSunshine


    Omg your not a lone on this. This is exactly what I keep telling my doctor. He is not listening.

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