I'm starting pelvic PT next week. what do I need to expect from them?

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  • VampireBride


    They will ask questions about bowel movements and breathing. And tell you about acidic foods and caffinated or carbonated drinks you shouldn't have. Also give you stretches to do and when I first went she felt around inside my vagina to see where pain was at if any from inside.

    • MsDaisyMae


      Did you taking any vaginal creams b4 the therapy.

      • VampireBride


        no I didn't and I went in having no idea what to expect

  • Inoki999


    I tried one session and the lady wasn’t very good, make sure you find a gentle practitioner who explains everything. I ended up flaring up very badly and never went back but I think I was stressed since the lady didn’t explain much and just started the treatment. Maybe do the first session without any treatment and they can explain it all first.

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