So I can only do certain things at certain times. For example, I can only exercise at 5:00am or I'm not allowed to do it anymore. I also can use the bathroom unless the time is on a 5. :< not to mention I can only have 4 ice cubes in small cups and 14 in big cups. which doesn't seem like it would be a big deal until I'm at a big social event and have to take ice out of my cup. How can I help not have the "itch" to do these things in a specific order on a specific time? thankies for helps :>

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • v.nessa2708


    I've been seeing a counselor for my anxiety and OCD and once she asked me if I stopped giving into my compulsions what would happen? What am I so worried about that I need to give in to these compulsions? Personally, I don't have very many coping mechanisms, however, I am trying to build a habit of not giving into my compulsions so hopefully in the future I'll be able to ignore them.

  • juniiebug


    Exposure therapy and mindfulness. Deviate from your compulsions/obsessions. Sit with the discomfort for a minute. How do you feel? Why do you feel that way? What will happen if you don’t complete your compulsion/obsession? Why? Use coping mechanisms. This is what I’m practicing in therapy right now. Hope this helps 💕

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