I’ve been In more pain than usual lately and I can’t tell if it’s a flare up or if that’s just how things are? It’s getting worse and nothing touches it. I end up laying on the couch with heating pads for days. Any pain tips to help with flare ups?

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  • Kdramalover87


    Sounds like a flair up to me. You have to figure out if something triggered it so you can avoid it. I use cannabis, CBD, THC, CBN, CBG. Avoid sugar and drink water

  • Ameg


    @kdramalover87 I second all of that and only can think of extra sleep. @Smash hope you feel a bit better soon

  • Kayleejade


    Massage therapist is the only thing that helps me

  • Jula


    Jacuzzi and not sure what kind of pain you experience but I take cbd WATER and helps me so much for internal organ pain.

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