Call me lazy, call me a victim, call me a freeloader… but I don’t want to work. Why would I want to work when the only emotions I feel are angry and irritable? Depression removes all joy, besides those coveted fleeting moments where you’re distracted enough to where the dark “veil” is lifted and you realize how numb you truly are all the time.
Being in high school with depression was easier because at the end of the day, I didn’t have to worry about income or health insurance or building my resume. I got to show up, work hard to get straight As, and go home.


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  • IceGoddess


    I am not lazy, every job I have had makes my mental health worse to the point I hurt myself to go to work.

  • Aquarius_Mage


    You are NOT a lazy freeloader. Many of us here are going through similar issues with our mental health and working. I quit three jobs earlier this year because of my mental health. First one, I had worked for 7 years, second one, I was told by a coworker to kill myself, and management didn't care, and 3rd one without insurance I ran outta my meds and I couldn't handle the toxic work environment without them. You are NOT alone, you are fighting for your life everyday. We all are. 🤗❤️🙏

  • JingleP


    Inherently “working” doesn’t give you moral superiority. It’s not a morally bad thing or a character flaw to hate working in today’s society. Everyone likes to do activities of some kind. But we’re forced to do something in a limited window of options just to pay the bills. It makes total sense to hate it to me

  • bahramuuu


    I can relate to this so much. One thing that I like to try and visual is my anxiety and depression being a separate entity vs. a part of me. I don’t know if that will be helpful for you at all, it’s definitely not a cure all, but realizing that it wasn’t me, helped a lot. It doesn’t cure depression for sure, I’ve definitely needed actual treatment, but it’s definitely something that helped me some. Being an adult is HARD and I do not enjoy it and the way society is today, it’s terrible. Hang in there and keep keeping on.

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