I had a heart attack September 21. There are days when chest pains are on and off all day, and other days I am fine. Why do I have these pains ? How do I know whether or not I’m having a mild heart attack or just chest pains. I certainly can’t go to the ER every time I have pain, that’s what the nitro is for. But what if it is a heart attack and the nitro stops it? How do you know? I’m afraid I’m going to under rate the pain and my kids will find me passed one morning ( they are 16,8,5). I’m not so concerned for myself as I am my kids. My 8 yr old had a very hard time when I had my heart attack, he was wearing my hoodies to school to be as close to me as he possibly could 🥲. So basically any advice, anything, to ease my mind , any words, I’m new to all this and I’m scared.

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    I haven’t had a heart attack, but I had an abnormal stress echo four years ago. I begged my doctor to tell me anything that would ease my mind, but he is a very straightforward kind of guy. He said there are no guarantees for anything. I said how will I know the difference if I’m having a heart attack, anxiety, gas, etc. He said there’s no way of knowing 100% unless you’re hooked up to an EKG. So basically he was telling me the best I could do is use my best judgment. I have a life alert pendant that I wear when I go out, and I keep it next to me when I’m in my apartment. It gives me peace of mind because it has a GPS on it and at least if I need to push it I know I can. The thing is, you may never have a heart attack again as long as you live, and I may never have one… So do we live rest of our lives in fear, or do we accept that at some point it could happen, but what a waste of our energy… It’s like we’re wasting time that we could be living. Trust me, I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m still trying to figure it out as well. I have a good therapist and we talk about it often.

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