I’m a 23 yo female who had SVT between 5-7 years old and then it permanently came back when I was 17. Ive been on medication since then but I really struggle with Palpitations. Im absolutely terrified of surgery due to anxiety so all I have done is oral meds. What have you done? Has it worked? Has it gone away? What do you do to lessen it?

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  • Snow3


    I’m 16 years old and had the surgery the beginning of last year. I have not had any episodes since. I was scared at first, but there was absolutely zero pain after the surgery! It’s a very low risk surgery. The scars are extremely small and not in a visible spot. I had a little trouble walking for a day or to but it was partially because I was afraid to move too much. I had the surgery on a Friday and was able to return to school the very next Monday. Before the surgery I didn’t really have any methods to help with it aside from putting ice on my cheeks to help cool off when an episode did occurs

  • LavenderSwan


    Did you do the ablation? How did it work? Were you awake?

  • Snow3


    I had the ablation, I believe that’s the only surgery option there is. You aren’t awake for any of it. They go in through the major veins in your legs, the incisions aren’t even a half inch long, more so 1-2 cm. They’re right between my inner thigh and pelvis. I only had to stay afterwards for a few hours. The first hour or so you have to lay flat for the scab to heal properly but after that you can sit up more. In some cases people do have to stay overnight. It simply depends on which side of your heart they operate one. You don’t have to change bandages or anything. Only limitations are no going up stairs for a day (I think it was a day, may have been 12hrs) and I don’t recall if no showers for a day was a limitation too. Oh and no swimming pools or hot tubs for 2 weeks. My surgery did take a little longer than normal since they were having trouble finding the spot causing the SVT and wanted to make sure they got it all, but that didn’t put me at risk and I didn’t even notice. It’s like you fall asleep and wake up right after. You don’t feel like you were asleep long! My cardiologist was very very sweet. He explained everything beforehand, how the heart works, how and why the svt was happening, etc! Also for pain reference, they don’t even have to send you home with meds. My dog was just a puppy (I say puppy but he was 50 lbs) at the time and stomped right on the incision spot a day or so after the surgery and it didn’t hurt. Just felt like someone poking a bruise. I had major bruising for a while but it was just a visual thing, didn’t hurt. I haven’t had any episodes since! I went on a 10 mile hike in 90°F weather just two months after the surgery. Things that’s used to trigger episodes don’t have any affects.

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