Does anyone have suggestions on how to treat a UTI naturally? what works the fastest to get rid of the pain, currently in agony 😭
(i took azo, d-mannose, cranberry supplements & drinking a ton of water)
^ taking the edge off but i’m still in a good bit of pain

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  • Hamie


    Try to balance your bacteria with probiotics like yogurt and try upping your vitamin c

  • McFluffy


    In terms of treatment, the only thing that will eliminate the bacteria is an antibiotic. For the pain itself before being able to treat with medication, I’ve heard people say aloe Vera tablets can help and a heating pad.

  • EDSwarrior


    ill try those suggestions, thank you! @mcfluffy, i’d like to be able to take antibiotics but i am currently living at home & on my parents insurance & they are very against them:((

    • McFluffy


      I’m sorry to hear that, I’m here if you need any help/support regarding any of this. You can always message me! I have a lot of experiences with UTIs and IC.

  • HammyMom


    I always keep some strong antibiotics on hand! Sitting in a bathtub with just hot water and nothing else helps too

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