Healing from cptsd. Having reflections on what I should have gotten as a child, and what I didn’t. I see these parts of me that are sad, lonely, angry, resentful, hateful, wanting to cry, wanting to scream and kick. I’m not gonna change those parts of me. Saying these things to those parts of me and to those of you who are healing from ptsd/cptsd.

You make sense.

You didn’t deserve what happened to you.

You are so strong, brave, and beautiful that you are a survivor.

I’m so sorry that you didn’t get to be a kid, the things you wanted.

You aren’t broken. You’re just in tremendous pain (which you don’t deserve).

Healing is hard, not because you’re doing it wrong, it’s because healing is just hard, and it’s happening.

You long and desire that connection, for people to understand you. And you truly deserve that.

It will take time and effort to find the resources that work for you, don’t give up.

Your body is trying to show you what it needs healing.

You are capable of change and growth.

You deserve that unconditional love.

You’re not alone and will find people that get you. It just isn’t happening right now.

The goal of healing isn’t perfection, it’s integration.

The small steps matter.

These statements are hard to believe, you don’t have to believe it, but ultimately the truth is, you deserve to be able to believe them. You don’t have to, but you do deserve to believe them.


Instagrams I got these quotes from: @breakingdowncptsd

If you don’t get it or want to post something negative please just don’t and move on to another post.

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