I’m new here, tbh I installed this to see if it works for what I need, I want to loose weight and have a glow up before school starts I hope it works

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Cottoncandyclouds


    Hi I just wanted to give you tips on how to start when you start exercising I don't focus on changing your appearance force on how exercising makes you feel does it makes feel happy strong more confident because your take better care of yourself and the reason why you shouldn't focus more on your appearance is in the first stages of exercising you might not see any changes yet and it might discourage you. But if you keep on being consistent on exercising then you well see changes also there's sometimes where I feel insecure about how I like and I try to tell myself that my body protects me from diseases. My body helps me to walk to run this body helps me get through anything and I should respect my body for being there for me for loving me the way it does. And you sometimes have to accept how you like in order to see big difference I didn't know if that makes sense or not but I hope this helps you out

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