Anybody have trouble running short on pain medication? Not due to addiction, but because your pain is just higher than the doctor understands and they won’t believe you to give you what you need to function? How do you deal in the days without pain medicine until your next refill? I feel like I could die my pain is so bad.


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  • wildhoney


    absolutely. i’ve been fighting for YEARS to even get a rx because doctors don’t understand that over the counter meds just don’t cut it. on the days that nothing helps the pain, i’ll sometimes just fully indulge- scream, cry and complain as much i need to. it oddly eases the pain a bit sometimes. just something that helps me💛

    • girl_of_titanium


      do you experience withdrawals if you run short?

      • wildhoney


        absolutely. it’s incredibly difficult for me to function without pain meds

  • KitKat1450


    Yes… biggest source of stress! I literally have to use medication to work, drive, take care of myself, go to appointments etc… otherwise the pain and brain fog are so bad I’m in bed on my heating pad all day. I had a doctor cut my prescription in half when I started going back to school. It got so bad I had to drop out. I cycle down and off so I’m never taking more than 2 on bad days. I end up cutting out social activities and with family so I have enough to function. I can confidently say I’m not addicted but my whole life revolves around my pain meds and how many i have left. I’ve researched other thing to help… PEA works best for me in addition. It keeps pain med tolerance low and makes the meds work better. It’s similar chemical makeup to aderal so it also helps my mood. The most effective and least expensive one I’ve found is the AM/PM comfort max from life extension. I literally have a window of how long I’m functional when I take my meds so I try to get everything I need to do done in that time so I can make the most of it. I also try my absolutely best to not take them at home unless I really need to do something and use infrared heating pad and ice to numb it out. Feeling helpless without medication is the worst and doctors thinking I’m drug seeking when I’m just trying to take care of myself and get by feels so degrading and hopeless. I’m sorry y’all are going through it too. It’s beyond stressful…

    • Dumpysunshine


      , hi there. What is PEA?

      • KitKat1450


        - PEA (palmitoylethanolamide) is a lipid from food and the body naturally produces some. It is anti inflammatory and analgesic and helps turn off/lessen pain and inflammation signals by down regulating mast cell activation (inflammatory process). It was shown effective in acute and chronic pain and prevents further degradation of nervous system. When taken with opioids it can reduce tolerance to opioids. It does not make them less effective but rather more effective at a lesser dose because it basically counteracts opioids anti-nociceptive properties (which makes more sensitive to pain and opioids tolerance increases) which increase pain sensitivity/damage to the nervous system. It creates balance in the nervous system by regulating stimulation. But be mindful if you are sensitive to stimulants or neurotransmitter changes or on psych meds (specifically MAOI- increase the effects of PEA) since it increases dopamine, norepinephrine, acetylcholine, and serotonin. Bottom line it helps regulate pain, inflammation, and neurotransmitter activity. Best supplement I’ve ever taken! I started at 150mg day a few months ago and slowly went up to 600mg daily and it absolutely does help but buts not a miracle. Hopefully it helps other too.

  • RPF


    I’ve been there in the past; I am now on a long lasting pain med belbuca and Percocet for the break through pain. When we started this I was on MS Contin and Percocet. I am closely followed by my local pain clinic where they do medication checks every visit (they count everything I have left to make sure I’m not overusing it).

  • grandlady


    Try applying several different methods to treat your pain. Narcotics, topical patches or creams (diclofenac is available over the counter now or lidocaine), over the counter ibuprofen or naproxen, heat or ice. You got use many things to help make the meds last.

  • Belugabear


    Yep! I would also have doctors offices just be a mess and not refill my meds in time. I have a medical marijuana script for my pain and it is the best medication I have. Nice thing is you just renew once a year! Works better than even narcotics for my pain. If you have any questions about it I’d be happy to answer!!

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