I had an appointment with a new physiatrist yesterday and she asked me to describe how I feel when I’m anxious and I completely froze. Anybody ever had something similar to this happen?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Olu


    As someone who doenst really know how to describe my anxiety or how I fell when I'm anxious I can relate. This may not be what your asking for but when I fell anxious or am having a panic attack I try to reflect during the moment what am I feeling and why that has happened so then when I talking to my psychiatrist or someone else I can talk more freely about without being stuck on what I'm saying and sometimes when I'm having anxiety reflecting can help calm me down.

  • PinkPantalones


    This literally happened to me two days ago. My therapist asked me where I feel my anxiety in my body and I was like uhhhhh me don’t know…. Haha. What the hell??

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