I have ibs that fluctuates from constipation to diarrhea and spasms. does anyone else have “forceful and painful” bowel movements sometimes?!

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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  • SpringFormPan


    Yep! Combination IBS symptoms are pretty common. Most doctors seem to suggest increasing fiber to help with both issues but YMMV.

  • Marvel01


    Thank you! I do take Metamucil and fiber capsules, maybe I need to pay attention to when I need to take a stool softener 🤔 it’s such a tricky balance! Thank you!

  • Zentoast


    I’ve been struggling with “IBS” for a long time and have the same issues. I am asking my PCP or GI dr to order a breath test to test for SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) which studies are showing has those symptoms of IBS and more. It’s hard to treat and takes time but might be worth looking into. Or even GI mapping to detect bacterial, viral, parasitic, fungal infections and treat the root cause

  • Marvel01


    Thank you!!! I will definitely keep that all in mind and look into that! That makes a lot of sense! 🤯 Good luck!

  • Lucky_H


    I also had the breath test. I passed the test in record time. I was off the charts. I had the treatment. (Antibiotic for that). Helped a lot for a couple of weeks. But it’s usually caused by slow motility and will come back. Naturally. Did any of you have surgery or adhesions? That can slow the system and cause inflammation

    • trashfirehotness


      what do you mean by adhesions?

  • Lucky_H


    Had surgery for appendectomy and then again to relieve adhesions 20 years later. They ….scar tissues attached to intestines come back. That caused motility problems. I’m thinking that along with a condition called reactive arthritis, Immune disorders are present in most I b s sufferers I’ve learned to manage as well as possible but my day is often adjusted!

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