I’ve been prescribed Ativan for years for GAD and panic disorder. I am hoping to get pregnant within the next several months and am wondering what everyone else did to manage their anxiety during pregnancy


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • laceyandme


    I used to take ativan. You could try mediating or writing how you feel and save it for your therapist and/or your psychiatrist that way you wont forget and try to fit everthing witgout feeling in a hurry. Good luck hope its a girl heard their easier to take care of

  • LaDayna


    I wasn't on any prescription medications while pregnant.

  • Kermit143


    I hope you dont feel a rush but hopefully you can find lots of activities. For physical anxiety, there can be rest, walks, exercise, tea (I like low or no caffeine bc caffeine makes me MORE anxious), drawing, listening to music, reading a book. For managing anxious thoughts, you can try journaling, CBT worksheets, find a good therapist, calling a friend who has time and good advice, cutting back on social media/news/apps.

  • Chet33


    a lot of my mental health is triggered and made worse by mold and heavy metal toxicity. I take less meds now. Try a funtional medicine doctor

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