does anyone else struggle with self isolation and anxiety? a lot of my anxiety is medical so that’s part of it, but also whenever i get too anxious i just shut myself off because that’s easier. i know it might not be the best thing in the moment, but i just get overwhelmed and can’t imagine adding social pressure to my anxiety.


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  • kuromis


    yes ofc, and this is normal. it might seem the only thing u can do at the moment because ur so overwhelmed, but its a process and it takes time. try to communicate a bit more if that makes you comfortable and maybe talk to someone you trust about it if u can. small steps make a huge difference. this isnt maandatory ofc, but it may help just letting it out. altho it might be scary at first, it gets easier and less overwhelming.

  • AsianSunshine


    I've bin suffering from panic attacks recently

  • goblin49


    Yes! We earlier this year I was very much in a self isolation-anxiety phase: my therapist really just coached me through it by explaining that unfortunately you can't control your surroundings, even to an extent when you do isolate. Ofc that is easier said than done, but slowly working myself out of isolating and really focusing on my personal control and mindfulness.

  • bm0203


    I just had covid. I'm still in my house. Going on 3 weeks. Not leaving for anything. I'm comfortable. I don't care.

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