To everyone who suffers from
migraine please know that a study
was done using magnesium oxide
500 mg supplement daily.
Results were significant showing
prevention and reduction in intensity
of migraines and headaches.
Upon further research I found out
that low levels of magnesium in our
brain causes headaches and
migraines. Especially vulnerable are
people on blood pressure diuretic
meds. Diuretics flush out magnesium
and many other minerals from our
body creating imbalance. Do not
stop BP meds! They are important to
take. Instead supplement with
I personally use a combination of
different types of magnesium daily 500 mg.
Hope this info helps some one🙏🏻


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Magnesium Sulfate

Chronic Headache

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  • BraeburnGirl


    Thank you! I take 2 BP meds and am usually low on potassium but not sure of magnesium. I try to remember to take a potassium and magnesium supplement, I will try harder to remember it!

  • Catlover49


    Thank you. I started taking Magnesium a year or so ago and have noticed the difference. I still get migraines but the symptoms aren't as severe as they used to be and I usually bounce back quicker

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