Well… a friend took me out for my birthday and the waiter convinced us the cake was gluten and dairy free… but all day I’ve had horrible diarrhea and gas. I’m so miserable. I’ve tried warm tea and gluten free crackers. Does anyone have any better remedies to help while my gut heals?


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  • Hcrocker18


    Gasx for the gas and pepto bismol for the diarrhea. Drink as much water as physically possible, and if you’re comfortable, cbd and/or cannabis. That’s the only thing that would get me to stop throwing up when I was really sick.

  • BreadOrAlive


    You could talk to your doctor about prescribing a nausea medication for when this happens. It’s one of the few things that helps me!

  • BreadOrAlive


    And stick to bland foods till your stomach has had time to heal a brat diet bananas rice apples and toast!!

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