What were the symptoms that lead you to think you had MS?


Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


Perforated nasal septum

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  • TheLeoLady


    I had this pins and needles sensation like if you fell asleep on your foot... but it was in my thighs... it lasted days. Then my vision started to double. Next thing I knew I was being scheduled for a spinal tap, next was my first MRI, then my official diagnosis of rrms-2005.

  • Natascha


    For me I didn't even think it was ms thought it was a tumor or something but it's start we d out with frequent headaches, pin and needles sensation and the left side of my face became numb

    • KayCeeBee


      same! Family and friends said it was probably sinuses/migraines

      • Natascha


        I had doctors dismiss my headaches as me not drinking enough water or not eating for 4 years straight until the left side of my face went numb is when they decided to look more into it

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