I was admitted to the hospital for a severe UTI that nearly made me go septic and was making me hallucinate for days. Anyone have experience with this kind of infection being that severe? I am prone to infections getting bad quickly due to having a central line and being on TPN (nutrition through my veins). They gave me antibiotics and pain medications but I’m still having some hallucinations and am miserable.

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  • AngelMikay


    Yea I need help I need to know what medicine to take bc I have been getting this pain for A YEAR NOW lucky for me I get a break every now and then but I’m gonna die

  • Janetj1968


    I have, although I wasn't septic. They thought I had a stroke.

  • ChichiMi


    I also was hospitalized for a UTI which went away with intravenous antibiotics. I think I have PTSD from that experience so you’re not alone. I also had hallucinations but I think that was from lack of sleep in a hospital. If you’re still having hallucinations would definitely follow up with a doctor.

  • Officialishness


    Hallucinations are not an uncommon symptom of severe infection, it is in fact pretty common to the point it’s often a running joke on health care professionals that older women who have UTIs can become delusional from the symptoms. If your infection has cleared completely, (UA is clear) and you are still having hallucinations, I recommend seeing your PCP to check blood work to check any lingering infection. From there you can possibly see a neuro if there is no clear cause found in UA or blood work.

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