Hello! I have BPD along with BP2 and ADHD. My BP and ADHD are under control without therapy (just use meds) but BPD is a different story. I’ve had 3 different therapists throughout my mental health journey and my current one specialized with BPD and practiced DBT with his patients. I joined a DBT group ran by him and the whole experience was amazing. I felt I finally found the help I needed. It’s been 18 mo now and I’ve stopped the DBT group because I began to hate it and felt it wasn’t being ran well and I was no longer learning. I’ve been feeling indifferent about my therapist as well. I feel less comfortable opening up and his input tends to rub me the wrong way. When I ask him specific questions I feel like he is not actually listening and answers on auto pilot. He is also on the older side and due to this I often feel misunderstood. He has helped me so much so I don’t understand what changed. Any advice for this? How many times have you changed therapists and how do you know if you need to change or just try harder?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • OuchiePrincess


    Honey, keep looking. It’s worth the trouble of all the appointments in the world to find the right person to listen to you, get you, help you heal, and get better. It’s okay that you learned all you could from this provider. It sounds like it’s time for another one! I’ve been in therapy since I was 17. I’m 30 now. I’ve had about 10 different therapists- bc even when you find a good one, you can’t keep them forever unless you can afford it. Keep looking for people who resonate with you and listen to you and encourage those DBT skills

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