What stool softeners or medications work best for constipation? Also what food (‘s) have you found that help you poop easier.

Chronic Constipation


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


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  • queenkilla


    miralax every morning in my coffee. it fakes my body a bit for it to start working but gastro said 5-6 doses on day one for a complete flush, then a dose or half a dose every day. i also went gluten free due to an allergy and lost 65 pounds, and it has really eased the pain. if you feel like youre going too much after the flush, try a half dose or full dose every other day. i also noticed dairy makes it incredibly worse and i get severe stomach aches that will even wake me up at night in tears. only way i can get relief is by taking a bath

  • Erifinn


    I’m currently on linzess. It’s the only ibs medication that’s ever worked for me

  • Medically_Challenged


    I like trulance. It actually doesn’t work for me the way it should but my doctor allows me to use it as a laxative when needed. It’s way more gentle then a laxative and doesn’t leave me throwing my up or nauseous. I never had any luck with amitiza or linzess but those are both options. — you can team these medications up with a fiber so you may want to follow queenkillas advice as well.

  • Kaylashumack


    When I’m off my ibs meds I’m in the bathroom all day with diarrhea. So I take hyoscyamine daily for it and I get backed up so I take a capful of miralax a day and adjust when needed and it helps a ton.

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