Does anyone remember what it’s like not to be depressed/ have depression? I can’t remember and I’m questioning if I ever have had a period of my life without depression.


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  • bunnyrabbit


    i remember it when i was young. sometimes i feel like i act childish to try to go back to that

  • 4byfour


    I don’t remember it either

  • bookworm420


    Nope, no idea what being "normal" feels like. My dad was suicidal from the day I was born, so I was immersed in it my whole life it's all I've known.

  • Aeres


    some days it's hard to remember times when i was happy because depression tended to blend my days together into one muddy mess. other days it feels like it's all i can think about since i want to go back. it can be challenging

  • Margaret4


    not since before middle school and it’s hard to connect with that time. my memory is super fuzzy too but i know i was a happy child

  • AndThereSheGoes


    ✋Therapist knowledge: Depression erases or blocks times when you've had joy in your life. When my therapist told me this, I was floored. It's like I knew I was happy at times, but I couldn't remember when it happened. Depression wants to be right so it blocks out good memories. Walk through photos or outline events to try and disrupt that.

    • 4byfour


      thank you!

    • YanyLaurel


      that reminds me of the movie Inside Out

  • MiloSunshine


    Sometimes, from when I was really little. All that love and freedom.

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