What is one thing that has helped guide you through your mental health journey?


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Actow


    Therapy. Having someone to talk too outside of your bubble can and has been so helpful. It allows for you to really gain an outside perspective. It hasn’t been an easy journey, by no means, and honestly, I may continue being in therapy for years but that’s okay. It helps keep me focused on continuing this journey for myself.

  • wolfieee


    Trying to understand why 'we feel like' this and that. When u have an understanding of what causes us different different thoughts(anxious, scared, traumatized, depressed) that kinda helps you to realize its something that we need to face and look for help. Being aware of whats rattling our mind helps to give bigger understanding of ourself. And we need to admit that we dont have the ultimate control of our thoughts all the time. So it helps us if we go through therapy or medicine when we have a better understanding about who we are.

  • sumsha


    the people around me, like my close friends and family. when i’m in a rough patch i just think about how they would feel if i’m gone. also breathing exercises and therapy have been a charm

  • dogdad13


    It's kinda silly but memes and Tumblr text posts and stuff like that. It helps me see that a lot of people feel like I do and shows me different ways of looking at my issues that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise

  • MsTaya


    For me it took meds. But I am surrounded by a tribe of listeners. Talking helps me identify what is causing the overthinking, depression, and anxiety. Hope this helps.

  • ChristineD


    Just talking about my life and experiances

  • Ella101


    Staying busy

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