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i honestly feel so unworthy of life, im so tired of feeling this constant depersonalization derealization and anxiety every day. i dont leave my bed because of the anxiety and constant tiredness even though i sleep good. i go for maybe 1 walk a day if that and just go straight back to laying in bed ALL day not exaggerating. i lay in bed only getting up for the bathroom. no socializing or anything im constantly so tired. feeling like this is even worse waking up and knowing my day is going to be exactly like the last. wondering what im gonna have a panic attack about today. i find absolutely no joy in anything at all. nothing seems to make me happy i havent felt that emotion and had a laugh that was real in a long time. the only emotions i feel is sadness anger and anxiety, im so tired of fighting i dont know what im fighting for really. i have ptsd bpd depersonalization derealization health anxiety social anxiety depression i even get anxiety about having anxiety. im so tired guys. so tired. and with my 1 year trauma coming next week im even worse.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • rosebudtwin


    You are worth life, more than you know. But only you can choose to make a change in life. I’ve been there, spending day after day in bed. If you tell yourself today will be like every other day that’s what you’re going to expect and that’s what will happen. You need to make a change - do something that makes you happy. Is there anything you get excited about? Is there anyone you love spending time with? Do those things. Find something that feeds your soul, whether it’s meditating to understand why you have these thoughts, finding a craft (for me it’s crochet and embroidery), cooking; heck, maybe do something kind for someone in your life? If nothing else please see a therapist so you can learn to cope 💜 you got this

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