My depression and PTSD have been intense the past couple weeks. I’ve spent yesterday and today in bed the majority of the day, only getting up to make myself do a small thing here and there. I missed work all but Monday, two of those days were scheduled PTO, but the other two I just couldn’t find the energy or strength to go. My thoughts have been dark many days as well. I just feel so alone in all of this. I have so much going on in my life that’s contributing and I have so many good things as well. Depression doesn’t care. I’m thankful to have a wonderful therapist and understanding workplace.

Complex post traumatic stress disorder


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  • Jack2021


    The worst feeling for me is to feel alone. The thing is we’re not alone at well, there are many people with depression, PTSD, etc and there are many supporting groups as well. We only need to find them

  • canoli


    People don't realize how bad ptsd is. That it affects your whole life. I can't describe it to people who don't have it and I'm always embarrassed when I freak out. It's nice to hear how others are coping.

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