Hey friends! For those with POTS or dysautonomia, what types of conservative measures have you tried? I’ve been taking sea salt pills and wearing compression socks for a few years now and those have for sure helped, but curious if people have other suggestions

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • Jellybean001


    Drinking more water is super helpful for me. I drink around 3 liters of water a day. Also, magnesium supplements have been beneficial!

  • UnluckyUnicorn


    Water, compression socks, electrolytes, seated exercise, and salt for me!

  • Sheradomo


    Compression socks didn't help me much but mixing salt tablets with my water is the best thing that's helped me. Drinking a lot of water can wash the salt out of your system and taking just salt tablets can dehydrate you so I mix them. Tastes gross but you get used to it and it's been the most beneficial for me and helps fast on my bad days. Also trying to spend a lot of time walking each day has increased how long I can stand idle without fainting but doesn't spike my heart rate too much like normal exercise. 👍

  • Jadie


    When Im up and doing things I pump my blood back up by crouching down and tensing my legs just for a short moment until I feel my heart rate go down. I also ‘drain’ extra blood from my arms when sitting a long time. Sometimes you just gotta get that shit back in your lungs so you can breathe a bit. Also, blood work to find any deficiencies that relate to blood volume. Iron deficiency anemia means smaller blood cells so less blood. Worth checking out.

  • Bijoux_bean22


    Getting my dog to squish me with all of his 65 lb cuteness. He is NOT a service dog, but if I am hanging out at home I try to get hime to do some DPT. In a pinch though, lying down on the floor/ asking a friend or family member to lie across your legs should help.

  • CrohnicTBI


    I got iron infusions which helped a lot but I have another condition that prevents me from being able to take iron pills but if you can add in an iron supplement maybe that would help! I also have been drinking liquid IV and trying to strengthen the muscles in my legs!

  • MarinaV


    I mainly stick to water. I can’t take the salt packets because they make me physically sick. kudos to anyone who can though. I know they have liquid IV and a lot of people do Gatorade. it all depends if you have other illnesses and disorders going on and if they correlate with one another. I can’t drink sugar, soy, and gluten but my other illnesses like that stuff. everyone is different and it’s all about what works for you

  • Dotsandroses


    Physical therapy works great for me otherwise compression socks help a million as well.

  • LeopoldTheRidiculous


    MarinaV there's also banana bag and normalyte pure. Everyone says banana bag tastes horrible, it just tastes like b vitamins. There's unflavored salt pills, buffered and unbuffered. I don't do Gatorade or the various sports drinks or the flavored electrolyte supplements either, glad to find someone else!

  • Lovecrafty


    Hydration multipliers have helped me SO much!

  • Chronic_In_College


    Core and lower body workouts + compression! I used to faint every time I stood up and the compression made it slightly more manageable and then the exercise changed my life. After a few weeks I was able to work as a preschool teacher where I was constantly getting up and down off of the ground without any pots symptoms

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