Hi, My name is currently in the works, as i’m trying to find myself. My life has shifted quite a bit within the time I have been an adult. I’m turning 19 at the end of april and so many things have clogged my mind. I live with my parents still and they are very toxic. I love them, but my mental state drains when around them. And I feel like I have no control over my own life. I can’t do what I want or wear what I want, because of how it’ll “affect” them. I tried moving out but I got so homesick that it made me nauseous every time I thought about them. So, I moved back. Any advice is appreciated.


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  • Iwantkoreanhotdogs


    Maybe you could move somewhere closer to your parents that way it’s like a five minute drive if you do end up getting homesick but you also have the freedom of having your own place to recharge and do your own thing!

  • snowwww


    could you move into the basement? turn it into a mini apartment?

  • bobe909


    I feel this so hard. Just hang in there. Time will make things better. Sending compassion 💕

  • Itsmejas


    My mom is very toxic and I grew up having anxiety and depression. I’m now 36, she still lives with me but now she’s toxic to my kids. Moral of the story end the cycle with you!

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