does anyone else feel...robbed? this disease attacked me at age 17 and changed my life forever. i used to be healthy and strong and full of hope. uc took all of that away from me. i have to work a job where i can be close to the toilet, and have to have decent health care and pto.

dating as a young woman with uc is absolute hell. its an embarrassing disease and i only tell people closest to me. it makes me weak and feel gross and ugly. i cant just go out and drink and have fun bc it would destroy my gi tract.

i wander around sick and exhausted all the time. i have so many comorbidities that just wreck my day to day. its so rare i ever have a day where i feel truly fine.

no one else around me really gets it. i know people with ibs and seasonal affective disorder, and they try to relate, but my life with uc and mdd is absolute hell most of the time. i guess i just feel very alone, and figure someone on here has to relate. im just so tired.

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  • traderjoe


    i feel the same way. i avoid dating because it’s embarrassing if i eat the wrong thing or have a drink and i’ll be on the toilet the whole night. i work in a hospital and i’m in constant fear of having a flare because i don’t really have the time to constantly go to the bathroom. i used to be able to eat ANYTHING with no consequences and now i eat a salad and my stomach is destroyed

  • LavenderPoppy


    I thought I read my diary entry for a sec there! I’m so sorry that you feel that way too, it’s so freaking hard. Some days all I do it just exist in pain. And that sucks. I don’t want to share with the world why I feel the way I do cuz it’s “gross” to some people even though it’s our daily reality. I’m still trying to figure out how to make it easier for me to just live life but I’ll let you know when I figure it out and please let me know if you do!

    • mipastaessupasta


      When "girls don't poop" is still kinda a thing, it makes explaining horrible bowel movements seem pretty gross to a lot of men

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