Hi! Does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to motivate yourself on the days when you feel like it took all your energy to just get out of bed? I'm currently studying at university but having really bad fatigue periods.

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  • PiscesFurMama


    Ive been struggling with this too, i haven't found anything fool proof but putting on music and sing a little bit and then i tell myself i have to sit up before the next song. Then I grab food and sometimes an energy drink to help clear the fog and then if i can stand it i do a guided beginner's yoga lesson on an app. I find that it helps me loosen my tense muscles and I feel a little bit more revived after. You can also do some poses in bed (i dont like to do this bc my bed is too soft for it and it makes it more difficult)

    • PiscesFurMama


      Also be careful with caffeine as sometimes it can trigger flareups for some people. I personally haven't had an issue with caffeine in energy drinks except for bang, bc it's too much for me. For me personally, the need for clarity of mind and alertness outweighs the risk of increased pain at times

      • Lucyadorabubble


        Thank you so much!

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