i just got released from the psych hospital today after being there for a week. i feel very... loopy for lack of a better word. i'm not sure how to adjust to being home and normalcy. does anyone have any advice or tips?

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  • Mhyra


    Hey unfortunately I was never in a psych hospital so I wouldn’t be able to help you exactly but I just wanted to wish a good recovery and that you got this! With that said, what I wanted to say is that it might be a good idea to get closer to your support network (friends,family,etc) or if you don’t really have one, try to find people that care about you and are willing to support you. This really helps to achieve more stability ♥️

  • User14784


    Hi! I have been a couple of times (I’m originally from another country and I was inpatient in a psych hospital there so it might be slightly different), the bonds that you get with other patients are so deep and raw, you can relate to others, and feel so so accompanied. I felt it like being in a bubble, obviously there were ups and downs and patients that could “freak me out” lol Sometimes it’s difficult to go back to the outside world because maybe what triggered you was right next to you, therefore you would need to deal with it again. I wished there was a magical recipe to adapt again, but what worked for me was doing it step by step, gradually getting a hobby (I kept dropping out of school back then) and frequent, very frequent therapy (I did cognitive behavioral). Be gentle with yourself. Also, I’ve been thinking for a few weeks about going inpatient voluntarily… can I send you a dm asking about insurance coverage and fees? Lol as I said I recently moved to America and got 0 idea of the cost of it

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