so I have bpd and my long distance boyfriend hasn’t really been the most supportive person in the world when it comes to me lashing out. I’ve been going to therapy for almost a year now, and whenever we are together in person he is so supportive but whenever we argue long distance he makes me feel like such a burden. we got in an argument a week ago and haven’t spoken since. I lashed out at him for something small, he forgave me, and when I asked for reassurance he just told me that he was so sick of this cycle and he can’t take it anymore. he wants to talk soon and I’m scared he’s going to end it over something that I’ve been working sooo hard to control and fix. anyone been through anything like this, and how did you solve the problem with your s/o?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • satanstars


    i went through this exact thing, we broke up this morning i am so sorry you’re going through this i understand completely

  • LC.90


    I’m sorry you’re going through that. I’ve always struggled with relationships, I couldn’t even make one last more than a month because of my bpd. I can imagine it’s hard for someone to have a partner with bpd but there is no reason for him to treat you like that. I hope whatever the outcome is, you get through it and everything works out in the end 💕

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