What are the tips tou can give me to stop worrying so much?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • sporty


    Keep yourself busy. Find a hobby or take a walk.

  • redrichie


    Remember that we can't have control over everything and to let those things go. 💕

  • JLaPine


    Breathe. Think about what will happen if something happens or is not done- is it minor or major( dishes not done so they get done later/forgot pay gas bill so gas is turned off). Accept you are not superwoman and have limits(this is really hard). Lean on your support system. Stimulate your mind.

  • Fallingstar


    My therapist had me make “thought stop cards.” On an index card, put a stop sign. That visual helps trigger your brain to stop thinking about your current worry. On the other side of the index card, write out some positive affirmations (“I can handle this,” “I’ve made it through this before, I can make it again,” etc.). Reading through those will redirect your mind from negative to positive. Then write down a physical activity you can do (take a 5 minute walk, do some chair stretches, etc.). The physical activity helps to release pent up energy. You can make different cards for different situations. This takes some practice, but is very effective.

  • Barnes


    I have an app called Clear Fear that has a lot of different things to help with worries and anxiety and panic attacks

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