Does anyone else feel constantly tired? Like no matter how much sleep you get you never feel fully energized? I am always so sleepy and exhausted and ready for a nap no matter the time of day and it makes doing things so hard.

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  • Charlx133


    yes, fully, although i find it very hard to get to sleep aswell

  • Pinkk


    Yess, no matter how early I go to sleep or however "good" I thought my sleep was ill wake up knackered sometimes even worse than before I initially went to bed xx

  • TJisTired


    It's likely due to poor quality sleep rather than the amount of sleep you're getting. If you're having nightmares, waking up all hours or are just generally restless at night then your brain isn't resting like it should be. You may need to consider some sleep aids or speaking to a doctor about a sleep study if aids can't help

  • kay06


    100% no matter how much i always seem to be exhausted, i’d definitely speak to a doctor about it as it can be symptoms of other conditions :)

  • Futuremuffin


    I have the same thing and I went to get a blood test and it came back that I was lacking in some vitamins and that this lack can make u super tired no matter how much sleep u get so probs go to the doctor and they can help. 💕

  • Aly24


    Depression can make you really tired. Check for sleep disorders too. I’m 26 and just got a narcolepsy diagnosis last year

  • Jmarie


    Most of the time. And it doesn't help that some of the meds add to that tiredness.

  • ClayBrooks


    All the time. I'm on a lot of meds which make it worse but I find its best to go day by day, but try to do one small thing a day. Mine are: I aim to get up and get a coffee or ask someone to make my coffee. But I have to drink coffee, I aim to sit up in bed even if i can't stand too well. Unless im sleeping, napping or have a migraine I'm usually sat up in bed, it helps. One thing I can always do is brush my hair amd put on lipbalm. Then on good days I aim to make my bed and fold my clothes, get dressed and put on makeup (which is calming) and perhaps do a few house chores but good days a re rare. I'm still stuck in small things but it does help and even if I sit up in bed all day doing nothing other than putting on lip balm and having my coffee I know i tried my best and the next day will hopefully be better. Sorry that was long. I've had this for about 3 years now and I think Im starting to cope. Better. ish?. Anyway, if you only put in 10% and only did one thing you actually put in 100% and your doing great and your best❤️

  • justdoingmybest


    I fully relate. I wake up in the morning full of dread because of it too, it’s like a battle to keep awake and alert. One thing that has helped me before is taking my Adderall 1-2 hours before I actually plan to wake up. As much as it sucks to do, I think it helps me actually function doing my morning routine, and some with energy too.

  • brilee


    yes i have this same exact problem :( no matter how well i sleep i always end up still taking a nap at some point that day. not only that but it makes school much more difficult. i think it may be my medicine…do you take any sort of medicine? maybe try looking into that and seeing if your medicine has any side effects related to tiredness if you do! i hope this helps a bit! oh and also maybe try drinking coffee or energy drinks every now and then!

  • Keeby


    Yes My mum tells me "just get an early night" and I sit there like "even if I try to won't do anything" I've tried telling the doctors who just tell me the same thing 🙄

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