Other than meds what other treatments might help me?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Bizz


    Therapy is a very good option

  • mybees


    For ADD? I've found CBT to be super helpful. I've also found a lot of great things on tiktok oddly enough. I searched adhd life hacks 😁 I use timers and alarms for everything

  • flootloop


    I also found therapy very helpful! Sometimes I'm not upset at all, but I attend my regular appointment, don't stop running my mouth for an hour, then feel much better and balanced after 😂 I also now take medication though, and it's similar to ADHD meds but WAYYY less strong bc my brain couldn't handle the usual stuff

  • Kasey


    Therapy is 300 a session for me so I don't go but find and build a support system of people you can talk to when things begin to get to much. I'm always here for anyone

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